Real Time UV Index Meter

Keep Workers Safe with an Industrial UV Index Meter

Knowing the UV index at a particular location, in real time, is essential for keeping outdoor workers safe from sunburn, UV-related cancer, and other health problems. This information allows the proper precautions to be taken right away, and helps to eliminate sick days and lost productivity caused by sun sickness of various types.
It isn't enough to simply look at the UV forecast for the day. This is because UV forecasts, just like general weather forecasts, can be wrong. They also don't address the conditions at any particular site. Instead, a forecast is always for a fairly wide area. This can lead to problems on work sites that are subject to conditions outside of the average.
One of the best ways to obtain the needed real time UV index meter information is with an industrial UV index meter. These meters are meant to withstand the rigors of locations like construction sites, road work areas, ports and harbors, mines, and similar sites. They can be mounted on walls, poles, or in frames, so they can be used in almost all situations.
Getting the information is just half of keeping workers safe from UV overexposure. Company policies must also be enacted and enforced to make sure that outdoor employees use the proper follow-up measures. Insist on the use of sunscreen, sun hats, and sun-resistant shirts when the UV level is dangerous, and make sure this rule is enforced.
With this two-step strategy, an industrial UV index meter will be a great help in improving safety for outdoor jobs. Its real time UV index meter measuring ability ensures that you'll have accurate information to work with, no matter how wrong a general UV or weather forecast may be.