School UV Index Meter

When Does it Make Sense to Have a Public UV Index Meter?

There are many places where the public congregates to enjoy activities outdoors, and it makes sense to add a public UV index meter when these activities will happen repeatedly. This means that such a meter is a perfect addition to public pools, parks, outdoor concert venues, golf courses, and similar locations. It is a great public service because it lets visitors know when they should apply sunscreen, wear hats, and take other precautions against overexposure to UV rays. Conversely, it can let people know when they need not bother with extra sun protection.
Schools are also good locations for UV meters. Teaching kids to check the school UV index meter before outdoor sports, going out on the playground, and prior to other activities helps to ensure that they use the proper sun protection. It also gets them used to the idea of paying attention to UV exposure, and this can form a good, lifelong habit.
A public UV index meter from Aussie UV doesn't just display the latest forecast or estimation. Instead, it actually measures the exposure level at its installation location. This prevents people from being taken by surprise if the levels at this location are much higher than the average for a wider area, and helps to prevent sunburns and other health problems. The same is true of a school UV index  meter from the same company.
Because the meter checks the levels of UV it is actually exposed to, it is important to place it in a sunny area. The meter is weatherproof, so there's no need to worry about exposure to rain. It can use several mounting methods, including hanging it on a wall, putting it on a pole, or attaching it to a frame. This ensures that it will be sturdy enough for public display.