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Being UV Aware

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You need more than information to have knowledge

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UV Exposure is everyone's business

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Visitors don't need to BYO UV Knowledge


schools & educational facilities

It is widely acknowledged that a significant amount of skin damage occurs in children up to 18 years of age. This provides significant justification for including a UV Index Meter in school play areas, and aligning a strategic UV Education Program to promote healthy life habits in the next generation.

Having UV data prominently displayed via a UV Index Meter and included in a teaching program, prompts children to learn the risks of UV exposure and promoting awareness and behavioural change among the cohort.

The UVMA-V 7.0 provides a large display field UV Index Meter that uses the WHO UV Index, combines with colour warnings and graphics to illustrate the suggested sun protection.


workplace environments

With a significant amount of employment in Australia residing in an outdoor environment, the need to monitor and manage UV exposure has never been more critical.


In cases brought before the courts, it has been acknowledged that the employer ultimately has a duty of care for employees in regard to UV exposure.


Landmark verdicts such as these, has seen over 1300 Workers Compensation Claims with a value of $38.4m made for UV related injury and disease. Working outdoors, presents a need to review operational procedures and apply the most recent policies in regard to UV Exposure.

It has been recommended, that companies with employees working in UV exposed environments, effect immediate procedural review and update with an effective UV data measurement protocol.


UV Meters Australia’s UVMA-V 7.0 provides a field instrument that is calibrated to the National Method and through policy & training, able to deliver a reliable platform to improve worker safety and mitigate this risk to the business.   


Since the precedent was set and the awareness of the responsibility organisations have to their employees, there has been an increase in claims related to UV illness and disease. This is anticipated to increase significantly into the future due to the delayed nature of skin cancers from when the damage occurred.


public open space

Similar to other public health and safety campaigns, the UVMA-V 7.0 is an excellent tool to provide UV data in public open spaces. With a significant number of visitors, and a large portion of these tourists, a consistent international UV message is ideally placed to provide awareness to those visiting the area and promoting healthy behaviors.

Specifically accommodated to tourists and visitors, many who do not speak English, the UVMA-V 7.0 has a unique display that uses not only the universal numbering convention but also standard warning colour indicators and pictorial representations to indicate the suggested sun protections.


With World Health Organization acknowledging that a high-risk population being fair skin visitors to high UV areas, strategically located UV meters provide a health and safety platform that protects these people.


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